Hiking ΝW

Hiking ΝW

Samos Island is the perfect island for hiking

The Nightingale group wants to share with you the beauty of the island.

For this reason the group reopens old paths, maintain paths in good condition and print a map for your usage.

You can get this map for free in our hotel or in restaurants in Agios Konstantinos, Vourliotes, Manolates or Kokkari.

The map is called Nightingale walks.

Contacts and Links NW

Contacts and Links NW

Animal domestic injured or stray                 +30 69475 84112

+30 69765 16870

Animal wild injured or dead                 +30 22730 37533

+30 22730 31862

Forecast Samos http://www.meteo.gr/cf-En.cfm?city_id=14
Nightingale walks






Nikitas Kyparassis

Museum shop


+30 22730 94025



Taxis Ambelos                              +30 697 438 9102

Agios Konstantinos             +30

Kokkari                                 +30 69374 14792

Manolates                             +30

Vourliotes                              +30