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The village of Agios Konstantinos is a beautiful coastal village situated at a distance of 20 kilometers northwestern to the town of Samos, on the circular coastal road to Karlovasi.

The village counts some 400 permanent residents, occupied in agriculture and, recently, in tourism.Thanks to the scenic environment, the lush vegetation, the lovely beaches and the sufficient tourist facilities it offers, Agios Constantinos attracts many visitors.

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6 reasons to visit our village

Handsome and buzzing Village

Agios Konstantinos is a traditional village between mountain and sea. Ideal for visitors who are looking for some moments of relax and quality on their vacations away from the noise of the busy touristic areas.

Life is better in the beach

Our village has 2 non-organized beaches on its edge, where you can enjoy the sea. Agios Konstantinos however is located in between the most famous beaches of the island, such as Tsamadou, Tsabou and Lemonakia.

Feel like a local

One visit is enough to feel the warm and the hospitality of the locals. You will meet new people, you will be one with their daily life and they will fit you in, in the way they have fun.

Traditional Greek Cuisine

In our village you can taste the traditional greek cousin, traditional local recipes and fresh fish next to the sea. A number of choices in our taverns that can satisfy and the most demanding visitor.

It's easy to get to

Agios Konstantinos is a coastal village on the northern shores of the Greek island Samos between the island’s two major towns Karlovasi west 10 km by road and Vathy east 20 km by road. Also is the gateway to the Nightingale valley, a valley full of trees, flowers, birds and meandering rivers.

Hiking in the mountains

From Agios Konstantinos numerous walks can be made to the neighbouring villages situated on the slopes of the Ambelos mountain. A group of enthusiastic volunteers has marked the beautiful paths leading through a astonishing nature.

Agios Konstandinos village include

Small health center

In the village, operates a small health center in case of sickness and a pharmacy as well to buy the necessary medicine for your health.

Super Market

You can find as well a supermarket and a mini market for your daily supplies.


Bus stations : the village has 3 stops for the local bus line.
Taxi : Available taxi 24 hour a day


Hiking ΝW

The Nightingale group wants to share with you the beauty of the island. For this reason the group reopens old paths, maintain paths in good condition and print a map for your usage. You can get this map for free in our hotel or in restaurants in Agios Konstantinos,...

Emergencies NW

Police +30 100 Fire +30 199 Rescue +30 166 Emergency number +30 112 (don't need any operator) Taxi see Contacts /...

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